I can see the inner thread of my gatorskins

I can see the inner thread of my gatorskins… is it time to change my tires? should i keep riding on these under i totally bust them? or should i swap my back tire for the front?


Nah… see how far down you can run them before the tube blows.

How about a new set of tyres?

yeah thats what i was thinking, might push it a bit more.

Yeah swap the tyre with thread but no tread to the front, then video yourself and post it to this threadbare thread.

can you take a photo please? i’ve always wondered what the inside thread of gatorskins look like, i’ve heard many, many great things.

Buy a new tire before you wreck your tire/s and burst your tube…

Also, if your in Melbourne i got a few tires you can buy

I love you Mckenny.

damn, i just threw it out at the shop!!
i swapped them over for randos, much cheaper and so far skid better. Ill try to get a hold of it, this afternoon if i go back.

Good decision…

Post of the day

Skid better = less grip overall i suspect…?

I have no illusions about the fact that I’m rubbish but I really struggle to get a skid going unless I’m on some gravel or lose stuff. Maybe I should swap my gp4000s’s for the bald rubinos in the garage. Could get interesting in the wet…

LOL yeah because it wasn’t already wrecked or anything.

Mckenny I think you just gave me a sarcgasm.

this forum is going to be a world of facepalm if this shit continues.

yeah i think theres less grip, i can initiate a skid must faster as well as go for longer. I think the gators have too much grip haha better in rain i guess. although i havent tried the randos in rain

sorry if this is off-topic, but are you a representative of H+Son? or do you just really like their logo?

i just think the logo is designed really well

Marketing department must’ve spent years devising how to put two letters on top of eachother.

it’s a terrible logo. first thing i did when i got mine was get that branding off asafp.

also, your gators will last for at least another month after the threads start showing, provided you don’t go overboard on the skids

please punch yourself in the face.