I Can't Believe It's Not the Pumpkin Run Tonight 30 December

For those who missed it, piked or thought it was tonight: ‘I can’t believe it’s not the Pumpkin Run’.

Circular Quay, Wharf 3, 11:00 o’clock ferry to Manly.

Midnight ride back to the city - relaxed pace.



of town.

Anyone gonna be at the Crix beforehand - 'bout 8?

I’ll be there with bells on, and a mate.


I’m in

Rod I’ll be there about 10 in full lycra.

I’ll meet you guys at the crix too

Fun fun fun, thanks guys!

so i hit 71kms as my max speed, that was a fun ride

71??? i will assume that you all went w/ gears? otherwise fuk me thats some serious spin. any photos?

yep i was on my rode bike, there was 2 SS 4 fixies and 3 roadies

woot… good ride :smiley: look forward to it again next year!

i wanna do it agian now, so i can hit 80kms

Maybe we need to do this every quarter: too many people (ie:me) away for this one. :frowning:

i am in for every quarter

Was a hella rad ride - thanks guys!

Every quarter!

Is the pumpkin run on this year?