I can't believe no-one has posted this yet


featuring trigger’s soothing voice, much facial hair and the inimitable Hans DC.

ha ha! Hans with a very subtle Cranky Sundays reference.

As if we aren’t going to judge you on what you ride!!!

I know, I thought that as well. I’m turning up to next WNR on a Reid.

When LP rocked up to his first Wednesday fixed on a VISP, i judged.

Soz mates.


trigger so handsome

for real though, that vivalo is hot.

This. Every single person in this video has a moustache??

This ^ Incorrect. Little chick in the adidas Tshirt?

haha beat me to it

I wish I had a crew.

maybe they can do a video of us sitting at Electron Workshop eating chips and talking about Fugazi Watches.

^ Chips!? So that’s what my membership is funding!?

We gorge ourselves and invent secret mod handshakes.

and the difference between us and saint cloud is that nobody is welcome.

Cool vid.


I sorta liked that, mainly because I really like everyone in the video (well, I’ve never met Hans) but yeah. Awesome. I wanna go there and hug them all.


I was really hoping this was going to go unnoticed. I also thought there would be a lot more (in)hate.