i can't skid

So i put on a fixed cog and lockring on.
It’s currently 46-16t and i can’t skid stop (i do have a front brake)for the life of me is it just me?or is the gearing to high or something?

any help,tips would be great for me but not for the rear tyre :evil:

man, just practise. first time i rode fixed i thought i’d have it nailed in 2 minutes. i didn’t. practise on some wet grass, wet bitumen or fine gravel, it sort of helps in sorting your technique.

I’m going ask the obvious question. Are you unweighting the rear wheel?

thanks Tick

Chromeo i try and wait till my right pedal is on it’s way back up and i straighting my leg while pushing down and leaning forward trying to put all my wieght on the rear wheel.My right leg just bends and ends up following the pedal around with nothing achieved.

That probaly does’nt make any sense :stuck_out_tongue:

ps - i doubt your gearing has anything to do with it. i’ve skidded running 48-15.

also, i find a lot of the stopping the cranks is with pulling up with my left leg. in saying this, i can skid ok, but i’m hardly great at it.

If you know how to skid, you can probably do it on most gears.

If you’re learning to skid, lower hears help.

Come out on a Saturday and we can do some training :slight_smile:
Just try on loose gravel or wet grass to learn the technique, then start practising on harder sealed surfaces. It’s got bugger all to do with strength and everything to do with weight distribution and technique.

next saturdays good with me :smiley: im going down by the yarra now plenty of grass and gravel.
i’ll check in later with an update.Thanks everyone for the help it’s much appreciated.

gravel is sketchy and if you fall off your gonna get gravel in your scabs… not fun.

wet bitumen is best to learn on in my opinion. have a shower with a bucket or two and take them outside when your done, put em on the road outside your house and get skidding on that shit.

head to the museum or axa building on collins st in the city during the weekend or at night, nice slick surfaces

I’m running 47/17 and while I can pull tiny, short skids on wet bitumen and grass but can’t quite get skids on dry road. seems like i need to get more weight over the front wheel, but i’m running track drops and having a lot of trouble working out where to put my hands to brace myself for the leaning forward bit (i usually ride with hands close to the stem, and to skid I’ve been putting my hands where the curve starts to drop). thinking of switching to risers or bullhorns to give me more hand positions and help with keeping the front wheel straight while trying to lock up the back. any advice?

Wait till you get cut off by a taxi/car door/pedestrian/truck. You’ll learn too skid pretty quick then.

Other wise. Balls on stem. Lock your legs up. It helps to give the front brake a little squeeze. Not to much.

Yer I guess practice is the key, Ive skidded 50-15 even though my stem used to stab me in the nuts. I also had to skid quite a bit last night riding with flats and normal shoes (no clips, no straps :lol:) its really very easy. I think the key is to lean forward so you can position your leg properly, that way your knee wont bend and you can have effortless skidding gun :wink:

So I went out today and spent about an hour practising getting further over the bars, and just when I was starting to get the hang of it I lost control of my steering and binned it… Didn’t come off too bad except for a sprained thumb and some nice road rash on the shoulder, but it was heaps of fun up until that point! How did you do Leon?

Good to hear it’s coming together for you saibura

um im the unoffical gravel/grass skid king hahaha

i just can’t seem to get the nack of it on the tar :frowning: i’ve been using my legs to slow down as much as possible.Im thinking if i raise my seat a inch or two it will help my legs stay straighter and not buckle?

I am a big giant galoot who doesn’t have toeclips and even i can skid

You’ve really gotta lean forward. Like, right forward. To the point where you think you might get chucked over the handlebars when you lock your leg up (you won’t).

Then you straighten your leg and tense your whole body up. Right when you think it’s not gonna work, you will break traction. You just gotta believe

Yeah that’s what I thought, no way am I going to get this and then skidddd! Still smiling despite my thumb now being a nice shade of purple

Commit or eat shit, I believe the saying goes :evil:

You could alway try the gravel patch out back of Fed Sqr where the ferris wheel used to be. Good for practice.

i had skidding down.
round corners, through peds, perfect.
crashed one day, got up and i’d lost the ability to skid and slide.
and it wasn’t even a crash while skidding.
i wonder where my skid ability went?
if anyone finds it, please send it home.
i miss it.

I hear MASH have it in their online store.