I.D current trance track for my son?

My 8 year old has asked me to I.D a current Euro trance track playing on the commercial radio whilst he was driving wth his mother. He held the phone up to the speaker.
Now I love my electronic music more than anyone here but I am not into anything the local commercial radios are playing of any genre.
Anyway if anyone is into that stuff, this track had no vocals, beautiful floating melody and reminded me very much of Robert Miles - Children (for any of those old enough or gay enough to remember that track).

Any help he would appreciate and I’ve already told his mother to download Shazam for the future.


What radio station? They may have a track listing available on their webpage?

I know Language by Porter Robertson is getting played a lot by radio at the moment over here.

but thats all I got, aside from ‘get shazam’ but you have that covered.

Well that track is ‘sweaty boys with 6 pack bodies, with their tops off giratting on the beach’ enough but not the one I am after.

I’m still trying to find out the radio station.

Just found out it was SBS Chill hopefully I’ll work the rest out from there.

I’ll let you all know when I know.

Three Drives - Greece 2000

That’s an older track… quite commercial/poppy but it’s dated very well.

Yeah probably from 2000 I’d reckon? :wink:

Good melody. Did you ever listen to any releases from Platipus Records much Ben?

All of their early stuff Union Jack, Art Of Trance comps, Terra Ferma would be right up your alley if you like this track

Gagging for a Melbourne Shuffle, that tune.

Needs PVD to keep it company