i.d. these hubs.

Anyone know what they are? I was told they are campagnolo, but all other campy track hubs i’ve seen have been branded. Just curious to know what they could be. cheers.

Pull the axle, it should say on there. Could be suntour sprint, zeus, maaaaybe sunshine.

look similar to some campy hubs i had. is there nothing under the tape?

Yeah they look like a 1980s Campagnolo clone like Zeus.

Nah there isn’t anything under the sticker.

what size threads does the axle have? And does the rear have a lockring? can tell from that if it is italian or japanese :lol:

Sheldon Brown will help

pretty sure they are campys, a mate had the same a few years back, bought off ebay italia

I doubt that very much.

There were as many as 10 different types of high flange hubs that could fall into the Campy clone category and I can tell you that every one of them made by Campagnolo had Campagnolo stamped on them.

My guess is Ofmega. Metric 9/10mm axles like Campagnolo and otherwise no makrings on the hub shell. Somewhere in the shed I have a set of road hubs that are the same and only the skewers which were original to the hub/bike that I found them on had Ofmega markings.

If those hubs were sold to you as Campy I’d be asking for some money back :wink:
Some Ofmega stuff was nice but it was generally made as a cheaper alternative to Campagnolo. Gipiemme and Cambio Rhino also fall in as 2nd tier Italian stuff, with Miche being the crappiest of the bunch. Galli was the odd bird in that some of their stuff was perhaps better than Campagnolo (and some stuff sub Campy in quality). They were smaller and had certain parts made for them by other Manufacturers so as to offer a whole “gruppo” so never really got much market share or respect.

As mentioned above Suntour Sprint was very close in appearance and just with a sticker on the centre of the hub flange … but Most of these Sprint track hubs were a flip flop rear which would be the easiest give away if the sticker was gone, can’t recall if Suntour track axles were metric or imperial. Blakey will know :wink:

I had a pair of Sprint hubs that I put lots of miles on and was very impressed with them. If I were racing today and felt like keeping it old school and on a budget I’d opt for the Sprint hubs, especially as the rear is double fixed.

Or as I said, pull out the axle and see what that is marked as. Simple.

I was a little dubious when he said campy, due to the lack of a brand name. But they came on a complete bike where i was after the frame more than anything, so there authenticity didn’t bother me. Just curious to see if they would be worth pulling out and polishing up. I will pull the axle when i get a chance, see if that reveals anything.
thanks fellas.

sorry man no idea do have similar ones in the car hole though mine are french

Pulled the axle out today. The axle itself has camp inter brev stamped on it. The cone nut has camp 9x26 which i gather is the size. And the locking nut has camp 82, which i think may be the year they were produced. Anyone have any ideas? Campy hubs without the name stamped on the shell and just the sticker. Or campy knock off’s with campy axles in them?

I’d still stay campy knock off hubshell with Campy axles and cones.