I don't even have a CX bike but I want these tyres ...

Vredestein Rhino Cyclocross Tubular by Dugast - Excel Sports

And yes, I checked the Bundy and I don’t think they will fit (chainstays too narrow).

I’m so silly (and late to the party). Maybe I should build one up to justify my tyre lust. :o

So so sweet.

Damn nice tyres, who cares if you don’t have a bike for them.
Hang them on the wall as art.

Just age them in your shed until the right bike comes along.

If I had Dugasts I feel like I’d be too scared to ride them… but realistically I’d want to find out what all the fuss was about. And then probably flat them 10secs into a race :frowning:

At which point I would (justifiably) hang them up as wall art :slight_smile:

Well these are Vredestein’s made by Dugast so maybe it might be a cheaper way to start/try at $100 a pop.

And if it’s not known about Tire Alert in the USA !!! I’d suggest shipping over 4 to 6 tyres and having then freight forwarded back. $20 gets you a complete new butyl tube, new base tape and the most perfect stitching I’ve ever seen. If you’re tubulars are costing between $80 to $250 each it seems a shame to toss them away.

I used these guys religiously when i was living stateside and more often than not my tyres came back better and rounder than when they were new. For the most they are (new tube, new base tape, newly stitched and assembled). Just make sure you haven’t used tufo or some other sealant (dumb move) … that stuff eats away tyres if it leaks and isn’t worth re-tubing through tyre alert.

tire alert

Embrocation is featuring/ flogging them so they are officially ‘epic’ and drool-worthy.

I don’t get it :shrug: The knob spacing on the shoulders looks way too wide to give decent cornering and the centre tread would roll like a bitch. Amazing how the hipsters get in line when someone with a post count says something is cool…