I don't really follow alot of it but its got sweet photos

Ultra Romance bicycle Hott spot

"We rolled some wakki red carpet down to a creeked cottonwood grove, where Lorde Adam washed “1000 years of dust” out of his hair *british accent emphasized. We drank our fill until we pee didn’t look like Ecto Cooler anymore… "

“Late start hitting the wakki trakk, but it truly was the magic hour… Well, in this wizard land, it’s more like the magic 3 hrs of generally royal purple Hott mists”

Love this dude and follow him for a while. I think he shows whats possible without taking yourself too seriously. I like the just go out and ride attitude pretty much. In times of strava and garmins and average speeds its nice to see people just having fun. Thats basically how I take my riding.

This guy’s instagram rules. @ultraromance. Good stuff.

Great trip, and great prose.