I dont really know or like whats going on here but its probably worth $150.

Hybrid “Town Bike” (road bike wheels and touring frame.) | eBay

If this was anywhere near 500km from my home I already would have bought this, plus that tap and die set hes got great too.

Also it takes road hubs so that is a great CX frame,

I didn’t even look at their other items. Bargain.

McLachlan, John. Ex-Stanmore Cycles framebuilder before moving to Newcastle. Sadly passed away. Very talented frame builder, not very well known. Pics of one gem I had of his.

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Fork = radness

someone should have pulled the trigger at $150 BIN. just swap out the fork, and you’ll be doing pretty well.

Can’t believe that was in Bikeology in Gosford,I went past that place a million times when I visit my folks, never gave it a thought to pop in there. Will be repainting my mystery track a similar blue when I get home!

That looks like a low bb,
If you swapped the fork out chances are it would get about 10mm lower
But I could be wrong

yeah, hard to say from the shot, but the top tube angle looks a bit odd to me, like it’s too high at the front.

I didn’t see it with the BIN price, woulda grabbed it for my dad or brother in law…

this one is posted in the cyclo sticky:

eBay Australia: Buy new & used fashion, electronics & home d

could also be good for your dad/bro in law. great buying anywhere near the current rate.