I don't really like over the top fancy lugs...

but sheeeeeeeeeit.

New Reynolds 653 Frame. 58cm. Llewellyn built | eBay

Cheap too (if it fits you).

Yeah good call, sheeeeeit that’s nice

Yeh, this is good buying.

Ill be honest its pretty over the top,
Cool but ott,
If its made by llewellyn its a llewellyn just not a really nice one.
Id want to build it with old superbe or some thing.

This frame is an exercise in bad taste.


i would ride that, its ridiculous but i’d ride it, needs a ridiculous group, like that limited edition black/gold suntour or something, i’d also want all the lug linings painted, in multiple colours, just to emphasize the whole thing



I don’t like it, to me it’s the lugs equivalent of tribal tattoos (of which I regrettably have one from when I was 16, but it can be covered!)

he’s a good bloke, very easy to talk to and has quite a good collection of bikes.


i honestly dont know about this one.

fucking ridiculous. i love it!
definitely needs a polychrome paintjob on the lugs though. pointless having them painted the same colour as the tubes