I got a bell today...

and I was foolish to think people would pay attention and perhaps move slightly. My conscience is clean, but my mouth is foul.

Pedestrians are cunts.
Meatposts as Dan says

ahhh did you get it when you went in for cables?

good ride today!!!

I got it after we parted ways. Today was fun, I’m paying for it now though.

Clumps of tourists walking aimlessly can be thought of as skittles!

i think bells are useless. given the frequency of iPods, it’s best to assume they have no idea you’re behind them and give them a wide birth. alerting peds to your presence just makes them act unpredictably.

I agree. The only exception for me is old people, where the shock of me riding past makes them jump so much that I feel guilty. For them, I slow down.

(not very rock’n’roll, I know)

especially if they have that world youth day look about them…

they’re called Targets

I’m with you on that one.

What’s up with WYD. It’s like soccer hooliganism and unbridled nationalism without the footy. Je ne le comprends pas.

Incidentally a mate of mine has a bell attached to the shoulder strap of his bag - and not on the bars. A bit further for your hand to go in a ‘mergency’ but great fun for the office =]

I thought this was relevant-


Binge drinking of holy water. gets them rowdy. They don’t need footy, they barrack for God.