I got a Woody

Latest reincarnation of my favourite frame.

I’m using it as a commuter/shopper.

It’s very nice to ride

Parts list
Frame- unknown but it’s not a McBain
Wooden Italian Rims CB Italia 36 hole (not Grishalo unfortunately)
36 hole HF Zeus Track Hubs
Grand Bois Cerf tires (28 rear, 26 front)
Nitto Jag stem 90mm
XOB Beam 4" Rizzzzzors
Sugino Mighty cranks
Twisted Pedals
Skin Grows Back straps
Izumi chain
Tange headset
Black suede Turbo saddle

something about risers and wood rims that dont sit right with me, but thats just me

but that frame is lovely, and that fork…oh my that fork.

I tnink jase has wood too now. Tissues?
Lovely buil,but moustache bars would be the icing for me.

I take it the headbadge is off something else?

The fork crown and lugs look exactly like the one on my dad’s Ricardo Track - A frame I’d love to have and he’d give me in a heart beat but at 55cm is too small. Funnily enough our torso’s are exactly the same length but my legs are longer - I ride 57-59.

Seen this before in person and I’ll say it again. It’s a work of art! Good work Azz!

Front wheel/fork clearance is epic, nice.

Wood rims + grand bois = ride like butter.

Super nice, but +1 on moustache bars, or better yet, those velo orange porteurs.

man this is nice… i like

I think we may be frame buddies:)

and +1 on some cinelli priest style bars

New bar, stem, grips, post and saddle. Then we can be friends…


Bender have my babies.