I got in a fight :(

3 nights ago I was finishing off my latest build and decided I do a few blocks at 8.30pm to check it out.
I live in a pretty ‘well to do’ suburb and wasn’t unsure of doing this.

I ride down the hill and get cut off by a slammed and sooped up Subaru Forrester. I give them the usual rant and bird and continue on my way. They turn around and come up behind me as close as they can and I see three guys (Arabic in appearance) and three young ladies in the car. I slow right down and sit in the middle of the road so they cannot sqeeze me into the gutter. Next thing I get hit in the head with two glass beer bottles and they smash all over me, bike and the road.
They took off and so I gave chase…200 metres later I see it pull into a block of apartments and so I ride in.
I am livid and not thinking at all. Fight or flight response in overdrive!
All of a sudden I’m surrounded by three big men/boys (20 somethings) and three very angry girls.
You can imagine what happened, lots of screaming, blaming and pushiing.
It got to boiling point and someone swung at me…I am a 40 year old man and I haven’t been in a fight for 20 years!
I fought as hard as I could and punched as hard as I could. I did everything I could until someone broke up the fight (maybe a mother of the girls I can’t remember).
I grabbed my bike and took off. Fixed, brakeless, no lights, no helmet and no cognition whatsoever…guess what?
They gave chase and I had to ‘BMX Bandit’ it all over the shop. It was like a scene from a friggin movie.
I ditched it in a yard and sought help from a house owner…no one home. I could hear them calling for friends to come and help so I grabbed my bike and rode like a madman…probably went 5 kms out of my way to get home so I knew they weren’t following me.
It was the scariest thing I have experienced in many many years.
I didn’t get a rego so police said they can do nothing.
Please be careful when your riding folks. Better to run and hide then ‘man up’.

For those in Brisbane this happened in Harries Rd, Coorparoo.


glad you escaped. in my experience it’s always best to just let it go. that said, if i’d just been hit in the head by a couple of bottles i dunno what i’d do either!

people are fuckin crazy

call the cops. ₪₪₪₪s throwing glass bottles at you is unacceptable. with that kinda behavior, they’ve probably got priors.

do you think they lived in the apartment block? surely if you followed them in there you could find the car again? someone else in the apartments might have seen something and had trouble with them in the past. maybe they’d be willing to make a statement to the cops. i’d be trying to get them busted for something!

+1 on the apartment blocks, time for some ‘stake out’ action me thinks. This time bring some friends aye.

Either way you wont win against ‘cousins by the dozens’, no such thing as a fair fight mate.

So get the rego plate, hand it to the cops. Sh1t situation to be in for sure

best to walk away from this while you are still able to

Geeze hardcore glad you’re okay

You should have called in the 50 once you found out where they live. You can still go down and make a statement to get the cops involved.

Fixed, brakeless, no lights, no helmet… and at night, is probably not a good idea for the future.

Whoa, glad to hear you are okay Azz.

I would def be going to the cops again. Surely you know the address of the apartments? No need for you to go back there, the police should be able to knock on their and others door if they feel the need to get any information. But do report it, no doubt these idiots will do something like this again.

Not to mention there was one too many people in the car :wink:

oh yeah, hope your latest build is ok?

Fark … heavy shit.

I hope you’re Ok (well, as Ok as you could be after that).

Talk to somebody, trying to get to the bottom of this alone is risky and will do your head in. Next time bamboozle the towelheads with some Arab talk, I’m sure you must have learnt some whilst in Sand Land long ago.

/ last part was a joke /… there’s no advice here, just concern and perhaps some relief that it wasn’t worse than it was. In cases like this it’s best to leave the Law to deal with them.

just to make it easier for you I dedicate this tune in your honour (hint … volume 10 :wink: ) YouTube - The Cure-Killing an Arab

you’re lucky you didn’t get stabbed or put in hospital… following them and confronting themwhen you’re outnumbered 6:1? so so so stupid.

why would you not call the cops if you knew where they were and they had assaulted you with weapons?

this story sucks in every way

Glad you’re not dead/badly injured.

And this, my friends, is why I NEVER* escalate an incident. Too many cvnts out there that think they can get away with anything, and as this incident proves, they are correct.

*hardly ever

I’m still confused as to why you didn’t just take their numberplate after you got bottled… it would have saved you a heap of trouble, and you’re lucky it didn’t end up worse than it did, glad you’re ok!

perhaps true, but sometimes i wish my balls were bigger than my brains, especially after these kinda incidents.

So you were riding your bike at night with no lights and got cut off by bogans.

First thing I would have thought was ‘No wonder they didn’t see me’.

Take responsibility for your own actions and maybe next time you won’t end up in a fight you can’t win.

I am sure the bogans will think the rest of us cyclists are great guys and give us plenty of room on the road.

Thanks for making cycling in Brisbane that bit more fucked.

What Brad said. And they live in my neighbourhood, so that’s fucking awesome.

your not a big intimidating dude either jono so wise ‘modus operandi’

I did call the police. It’s stated in my first post.

Brad and Dan. They saw me it was well lit and they were up for it. They were in the wrong. They threw bottles at me.
At no time in my first post did I say ‘yeah go the biff!’
Re: helmet, lights etc…I was going for a roll around the block…not a ride.
At no time did I not take responsibility for my actions…read the post again.
I’m not inciting violence or rascism.

You guys, that’s not fair!

ps the car didn’t live in that apartment block. I believe they were dropping off the girls.