I guess Phil Wood BB’s aren’t indestructible…

What’s the background story to this image?

I have no idea, saw it on the macaframa blog.


That guy must’ve had huge legs to do that damage!!!

god forbid, hipsters the world over will be trading in their phil wood products for the next trend :roll:

im serious, plenty of other good brands out there that are not hyped up like PW

who cares, the guy was most probably doing something on it that it wasn’t designed for…

Just buy a bmx, and if you are going to do gross tricks on your tarck bike buy a pair of profile cranks, they are designed to be ridden hard, have a lifetime warranty, come in a multitude of crankarm lengths and are in a similar price bracket (maybe even cheaper) to a pair of Sugino75 arms on a PW BB.

I hope people don’t start writing off PW products now

Nothing is indestructible and even high quality products have faulty items that escape the factory.

The question for me is… was it warrantied? I know that Phil are very good with warrantying their hubs for general usage. there was a thread on Bikeforums a few years ago about a guy in toronto who cracked a flange and got a personal call from phil himself the day after reporting it to ask him about what had happened.

I’d be curious how this ended up (if Phil was even contacted).

I’d agree with sime that jumping sets of stairs and track cranks/phil bb dont match. but for everyone else they are a quality product.