I HATE NEW PEOPLE (who come too the forums ask NJS pista campy frame for $200...

I HATE NEW PEOPLE (who come too the forums ask for an NJS pista campy frame for $200… and go ‘just short of money and thaught you guys might have something’… Then when nothing shows up you never here from them again. Usually have a 3-5 post profile and there all comments asking for stuff…


Bang on.


Get over it. This is not worth ranting over.

i’m with des on this one. ignore, ignore, ignore.

Done, I feel better already.


As a long-standing member of Australia’s fixed-gear cycling community, I write to express my disgust with visitors to fixed.org.au who post requests for exotic or fashionable equipment, well below a fair price, and then claim to be experiencing financial hardship. Many Australian working families are tightening their belts at the moment, and pretending to be hard up is an affront to their plight.

When no-one responds to these irritating requests, the authors simply disappear, without bothering to introduce themselves, to explain their situation, or, God forbid, otherwise contribute to this respectable online forum.

All they want is to quickly become part of a culture they neither understand nor respect.

As Prime Minister of Australia, I can only use the strongest terms to describe this behaviour, and in lay terms: Fair suck of the sav, mate. Now you’ll have to excuse me, I’ve got a 10:30 with the President of Korea, and we’re working on our bar spins.

(this started out as a spelling and punctuation rant and just got out of control… as far as common K-Rudd soundbites are concerned, he’s often criticised for his verbal diarrhœa, and he seemed the perfect mouthpiece.)

first world problems.

also, alex. please amend your media release to make reference to “australian working families”.

NICE Alex!

And computers for every child.

I like that1 :wink:

Did anyone else see the post that went up 5mins after this one looking for an almost complete custom build :roll:

I replied to it.

exactly what i sore… always…

"hey brothers, my pista fixie bro’s long time no see…
anyways after a new bike PM with dets (meaining dont leave a
message incase someone else snaps it up before me)…

It is frustrating, esepcially if we all knew where to get get campy / NJS / etc bikes for $200, we wouldn’t be sharing.

In saying that, I got that Europa with Columbus tubing, Campy hubs, Stronglight headset and an Ofmega crankset for $275.

Can do any better than that or actually i can… NOS sronni- Green $80 :evil:


ev got a complete 60cm hitchins (not hEtchins…) with super mightys etc for FREE. arsehole.

I have to pay for my bikes. :cry:

I felt the same way when I found out the guy I got my Europa from got it for $200… So i pretty much emailled him everyday til he sold it to me. He charged me an extra $75 cause he put new tyres on it.