I just stepped on a snake

Walking my ss mtb up a hill (after work tired) down on the Maribyrnong river tonight, I was looking to my right as some motorbike riders were ripping up the park when I felt somthing move on my foot. It was bloody big brown snake which then squared up to me but thought better of it with my bike in the way any one else had some snakey heartstarters this summer season.

yeah me and user JimmyJ rolled past one on the capital trail along the yarra right near johnston st a month or two ago. wasnt too big, just hissed as we went passed then continued over the path and down the bank to the river

I just posted this in the “Near miss” thread. Happened about 1hr ago…

My near miss was with a big f’n black snake laying across the bike path in Bundoora. As it was laying just around a blind bend I didnt have a chance to stop so I went around what I thought was the tail end, only to quickly realise it was the head that I just skirted around. Scared the shit out of me and nearly sent me into the creek.

Riding around Studley Park/Yarra Blv. you need to watch out for Trouser Snakes.


I know sometimes wish I was gay riding around there you could get your mtb fix and a bj as well.

Matty knows only too well, the dangers of the Studley Park/Yarra Blv Trouser Snakes.

You said it, every night there are heaps of cars parked on the corner past the foot bridge all hours. I was thinking about buying a Mr whippy van and hitching up there.
$$$ to be made.

actual LOLs. not sure if that’s the kind of creamy treat they’re after though :stuck_out_tongue: