i just took a million photos.

of bikes at the track world champs.

in a couple of minutes they’ll be up on the blog.

you will want a new bike after looking. i know i do.

Hurry up and upload them, I wanna see the fancy bikes. Usually it’s the Looks which blows away the competition in appearance stakes.

My feeling is that will continue after checking out the 2012 range…

#trackworlds Day Zero. Lots of Pictures of Bikes: the new timer: Being Real Or Being Mean.

also: BMCs that look just like cadel’s time trial bike, but with track drops. HOT.

You probably know this is a USB right? Take his head off.

“Ten World Sprint Championships between the two of us.”

I lolled.

i did not. thank you.

It may have some movies or something pre loaded on it as well. Chuck it in the computer and have a look.

Sweet! I’ll be keeping a close eye on your blog xbbx.
Lego man envy too

Being real and being mean?

Sweet minifig!

I think I only just realised, after reading that first post, how frigging awesome it is for all of us that you got that press pass. Looking forward to some more fine work good sir.

I do always think about you guys when I’m writing. You’re totally my demographic.

It may also have the entirity of My Dildos blog…


The GB mechanic was already looking at me kinda weird. “Have you done anything different to the bikes?” I asked him. “They’re just track bikes, mate,” he answered. “There’s not much you can do to them.”

totally empty, unfortunately. s’alright. at the venue you can access shared drives through the wifi - all the info is there.

Please make StM complete a guest post on TNT about his experiences… as I for one am keen to see his ‘colourful’ metaphors and similes up on the interwebs.

omg, i just got this acronym.

nah nah nah it’s dynomite ;). now i can’t get ACDC out of my head.

It’s dy-no-mite.