I know I'm simpleton but ....

I could spend the whole day on google’s home page strumming the guitar (Les Paul’s birthday tribute). Coolest Thing Ever !!! Well … enough to fascinate my little brain :slight_smile:

Now I wanna know if there’s a way to record my virtual strumming and if there’s any pedal effects :cool:


tis cool, I didn’t know it was interactive until you said it though…so maybe I’m the simpleton.

Thanks for killing my day.

no, I found it by accident (proudly)

Haha, ohhhh shit.

when you type the words “fuck” and “₪₪₪₪” it sounds particularly pretty

that is brilliance, thankyou for pointing that out

Thanks for putting the link up, saves me having to google it.


Spirito asks and he shall receive.

Les Paul Google Doodle
Permanent URL, and you can record!


My first strum is dedimacated to you :wink:
Les Paul’s 96th Birthday