I made a Flipbook

as the title says, I made a little flipbook showcasing some friends cycling related photography and artwork.

I only intend to print them for the people who contributed and perhaps a very limited number for some friends for xmas. There will probably be a couple kicking around ShifterBikes and Pony Bikes for you to have a look at in a week or so.

However, you can see an online version of the flipbook on my blog

(open images in new windows for larger versions)

a few users on here have pieces; Benny, Angry, OhOh2.

here are their personal sites/blogs

BennyDavis - www.geometricity.com
AndrewScott - http://therewillbedirt.blogspot.com
AdamLeddin - http://ohoh2.blogspot.com

Thanks to all who contributed, it was fun and I couldn’t have done it without you.


looks ace!

Nice work! Some of the images are broken…

Looks rad. Nice blog too.

That’s awesome! Thanks Sime!

Thanks guys! glad you like.

damn, I cant tell which ones are broken, it all looks fine from my end :?

Nice job mate.

The first and last photos aren’t working.

they work for me, n00bz

all works for me, looks great

love the wheatpaste mural, is that still up?

thanks dude, the mural should still be up. Only a matter of time before others start filling it in though.

It’s in Fixroy, cnr Peel and Cambridge in hte park behind PS Bikes.

Ben has some good images of it on his website www.geometricity.com

great ill head down and check it out today