I need someone

To come to my place, and take this photo better.

Too much noise from my iPhone

Shit, this is good.

Not good enough. I looked horrible in most of the photos, out of 30, 4 are good.
One I questioned of I was a human or not.

That one’s ok though.

Half-half on my plane ticket? I’m keen.

Harry you know I would but there’s wheels and saddles to pay for

I’ve got an old charge wheel, and can probably find you a sweet 27" wheel :wink:

fukkin aye! that paint job is saawwweeeeetttttt

That paint…so dribbly…

Why do I suddenly have an urge to listen to Meg White?

Buy my HED3.

Buy John Kennedy’s Corima.

Dual aerospokes painted the same as the frame. Do it.

Dude, I’ll do the photos, but don’t u live darken ages away? I’m in northcote, free all tomorro if u WANs do a city photo shoot exposition??

Bike not built yo!