I need typeface help!

Sorry for the unrelated thread but I know how we all love our trendy little bikes, skinny jeans, obscure subcultures and graphic design here.

I’m doing a type research project at uni and my allocated Font is VERDANA (and yes I’ve left it until last minute)

I’m basically finished besides the last component which is finding a brand that uses Verdana in their logo/branding and an example of that logo/branding…

Yes this sounds like an easy task for Google, except Verdana is designed primarily for screen use and does not lend itself toward logos/branding all that well… therefore finding examples has proven quite difficult!

It’s a silly hour of the morning and I am at an end, delirious, about to retire to bed and was hoping some graphic design heads out there might be able to lend me a hand whilst I dream of kerning, x-heights, black skivvies, and a world without Comic Sans…

Many thanks in advance!

  • Sime

ps. lets try not to make this a thread about how IKEA have ditched Futura in favor of Verdana in their 2010 catalogue and advertising collateral :wink:

<3 verdana size 10. why can’t you just use ikea?

ps. yeh sorry no suggestions

pps. good luck

ppps. comic sans sux courier rulz

Didn’t Ikea change to Verdana?

edit: http://typophile.com/node/61222

Read -> Comprehend -> Post.

well… um… walks out…

i reckon ur gonna have a tough time, which i think is a good thing, i just looked through the first 30 pages of this site and there wasnt much love, only found this. ok i better get back to work, but i did enjoy the distraction.

your tutor is an arsehole. possibly an ignorant and/or stupid arsehole. sorry i have no suggestions.

maybe make a nice poster with Verdana sized bigger than 10pt to illustrate why noone uses it above 10pt

thanks guys, I guess I’ll just insert an image as to why Verdana isn’t used in branding and logos… ughhhhh…

Jamie, my lecturer that runs the Type and ID class is actually rad though… he looks like Tintin and loves a black skivvy.