I need YOUR help for a photo shoot!

hey folks,

For those unaware I’m doing my Post Grad Dip. of Graphic Design at the moment… In my Promotional Design class I have an ambient design brief to work on and I need your help!

I have chosen a ‘cycling awareness program’ directed towards motorists and I need some models to photograph.

The shots will be of people that have been ‘knocked off their bikes’… and will require the models to lie on the ground next to their bike as if you’d just been hit and I will take a couple of aerial shots of you. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie… I need REAL PEOPLE.

The images will then be printed 1:1 and applied (not superimposed) onto an array of spaces where motorists park so that the image sits partially under the car once parked… therefore once the motorist is parked, there will be an image of a cyclist stuck underneath the car/truck/motorcycle.

I need to capture a varied cross section of urban cyclists, that use our road, not just a bunch of people on fixed wheels… The aim is to provoke empathy for cyclists from motorists.

I need some subjects both male and female to cover each of these catergories.

-Guys/Girls on roadie in road kit
-Girl on Girls style stepthrough
-Guys/Girls riding their commuter with backpack or panniers
-Guys/Girls with bike that has a babyseat mounted (child not needed)
-Guys/Girls with SingleSpeed or Fixed wheel.

If you can help by donating your time it would be greatly appreciated! Just post your interest or any questions below.

Shoot time is on
Friday evening 30th of April, 6pm and should be all wrapped up by 7pm.
entrance on Bowen St, just in from Franklin St.

Campus map here - https://my.rmit.edu.au/portal/page/portal/RMITPortal/campusmaps?dsize=max

Thanks for your time!


i have a freshly smashed wheel you can use if you’re in need of props.

I don’t have the fresh scars anymore, but you can use this as inspiration!

thanks Murray/Rachael

YES IF ANYONE CAN BRING PROPS ie: a busted wheel suitable for your bike etc.


Can i ride a stepthrough in full roadie kit?

Great concept! Unfortunately I can’t help out though as I’m not in Melbourne :frowning:

Good luck with the shoot.

Nik, you are pretty well versed in getting hit by cars… your experience would be priceless.

blatant “i go to uni” post

yeah maaaaan

-but seriously, come along Jimmy… you went to uni once as well!

Hey Sime myself and the girlie can come down and help out. She rides a single speed and commutes everyday.

thanks Markee!

I’ll buy some beers for people to suck on while we take the shots :slight_smile:

Ill come for the beers

Ouch, what happened?

Yo Sime I should be able to come down after work

I’ve got a smashed roadie you can use.

yeah sime…i’m come say hi, even if i’m not photoppropriate. unless there’s a house-opening on or something…gots to finds a home.

i’ve also been told i have a face like smashed crab… so i’m a shoe-in!

I’ll be running a little late possibly. PM me your number Sime if you want.

That would be so perfect!

thanks for the interest so far guys! I really appreciate it.

my number is 0422 708 569 in case anyone needs to contact me on the night.

i can probably come down on my roadie and in full kit if you want. oh and i have a pre broken leg if you need that