I need your help Radelaide

Hey guys

Would anyone be able to help with picking up a bike, and possibly holding onto it untill I come down or helping with boxing/courier?

I’d be happy to return the favour if you find something you like up my way and will compensate with beer money/wristy/eternal love


What suburb is the pickup of said bike from?

Just waiting on a reply from the seller…

Its in Enfield, anybody near there?

as everybody madly rushes ebay and gumtree for bargain in or around 5085


I am kinda near there, as is Huge.

I don’t really have the room to store a bike at the moment though.

aww cmon jolsie, your bike room has pleeenty of space =D

Kinda. Ben, PM me.

Room at mine JLN/Ben

haha was just razzin ya mate =D