I rode to work this morning.

Well, my girlfriend and I rode our bikes to work this morning. It’s about 13k’s. I don’t know why I didn’t do this earlier. It’s fun as shit (minus the cold hands at first), especially cruising past “communters” decked out head to toe in reflective stuff, fluoro vests, thirty lights, crunching gears and squeaky chains.

But yeah, two days outta five, we’re riding in. The other three days my girlfriend works late, so we can’t ride. :frowning:

Is it short?

I didn’t realise there was another way of getting to work? It’s the best part of my day =D


Can’t ride without your girlfriend?

There is an alternative explanation. Wouldn’t apply if it was wife. Those were the days.

i was all excited to ride to work today after a week off and ive left my helmet 2hours east of the city!!

high five for stupidity!!!

im a bit unsure of commuting without a helmet, its a tad scary.

I’d be in the dog house if I rode in and she had to catch the train.

So you both have to catch the train because she can’t ride? Is she your girlfriend or a conjoined twin?

Are you claiming that you don’t do what your girlfriend tells you to Stuart?

Even if you really believe it, it’s not true :wink:

I like riding my grilfriend to work, wife doesn’t like it though…

Once again, I’d be in the dog house. And we have two medium sized dogs that sleep in one kennel, there’s not enough room for me in there too.

that’s how they view it. fucked innit?

Fixed that for ya :wink:

Communters. A great expression, only I’m one too at the moment :-(, and so are you now technically! Or are you only a communter once you do it more than once? Or if you actually ride home again tonight? Answers on the back of a postcard.

My fave this morning was the douche running the ped crossing on Royal Pde / Melbourne Uni, then fanging into the middle lane of the Eliz. roundabout to turn right into either Peel or Flem Rd. Jeans, with helmet on bars. Them musta been precious handlebars.

Non-verbal ‘where’s your helmet?’ or ‘why aren’t you wearing your helmet?’ communication? Slap your own helmet loudly twice, then make the palm-upwards ‘invisible pizza’ international sign of the ‘where is it?’. Confused facial expression optional.

While on the subject, I was rollin’ up Bourke having just negotiated the mall, and saw a courier zipping down towards what could have potentially been an intercept by the Bill. Is there a quick non verbal for ‘cops ahead’ - fist in front of nose and then a finger point in their direction? Oink oink :wink:

I think you become a communter when you wear more fluro than anything else.

I’m not a commuter… I just happen to ride my bike to work!

For motorcyclists it’s index finger pointing up and twirling.