I still can't believe i bought a pink bike

Heres my newest build. Everything second hand except headset and chain (when I get the right one). Oh and front tyre.

The frame is a generic track style frame. Forks are cheapies bought from drozzy. Had a bit of trouble with the fork steerer being a bit too short, so I got the angle grinder out and cut the steerer on the frame shorter (‘before’ photo at the bottom). Worked well enough for what the bike is made for.

Velocity B43 wheels (thanks JimmyJ)
Lasco Crankset w/ 44t chainring (Thanks Chimpy)
Suntour 16t rear cog
FCA chopped risers with fizik bar tape
Oddysey denim seat
Crank bros 50/50 pedals w/ home made straps
Cane Creek stem
Maxxis Dettonator on the front
Michelin Pro Race on the back

Chain to come (I should’ve bought what I wanted to buy, not what the guy in the shop wanted me to, as it didnt fit!)

Never thought I’d see the day that I owned a pink bike. Was going to spray it but couldn’t be bothered.

Auto resize on the computer makes the photos look a bit funny.

leave it, ride it. mayb change the saddle.

Mornington Peninsula is a bit hilly ain’t it? Maybe wider bars?

Yeah, I think I’ll change the saddle to something a little longer and comfier. The oddysey should do for now though.

Its pretty hilly on the westernport side of the Peninsula and Mt Martha, but other than that its not too bad. I seem to ride more in the city than down this way though, so the bars should be ok.

Nice work, glad the forks are gettin’ used. I rode a similar chinesey frame for a year and half and I’d be surprised if you could break it, I hardly managed to dent it and it collided with more than its fair share of motor vehicles.

…out of curiosity, how much was the complete build?

Man check out the chote of a steerer… Is wise to have a steerer cut that short? I would have thought that the stem wouldn’t be able to clamp evenly / have enough purchase on something so little. But I might be wrong, Its happened before.

Oh and I like the pink.

As for hills, I’m a big advocate for bullhorns.

I was expecting fluro pink or something…got my hopes up for nothing. Can those bars get any smaller? Seriously how the hell do your hands have real estate on there?

Dice, that photo is of the steerer before I cut about 20mm off the steerer tube on the frame.

Glassdoor, I’ll have to go for a proper ride this arvo once I get the chain, but the bars seem to be plenty wide enough.

Drozzy, all up the build was about $400, which I’m pretty happy with. Just had to be patient sourcing some of the parts to get cheap enough prices.

For future reference this is a bad idea, you have changed the steering geometry of the bike by doing this, and if the cut wasn’t straight (which I can assure you it wont be) then you could fuck up your headset. get the cut faced by someone with a HT facer

Tighter geo and this’d be my ideal bike.
skinny bars and heavy wheels are king!

Pink bikes, everybody’s doing it!