I.T. help required please

I have an iriver e100 and wanted to throw a heap of tracks and tv shows on it so I could use it.
The computer I am using lately uses Vista. I went to the iRiver Australasian site and it said to use iRiver4 as the program to convert and transfer…the equivalant of iTunes I suppose.

Somewthing went wrong during the installation and I can’t install or remove the program.
Even when trying to uninstall the program via the control panel > add/remove programs it always tries to install and then comes up with an error 1628 or something like that.

I’ve tried pretty much everything and even a system restore using a date from one month prior to when I tried to install it originally. System Restore fails too…

IS there some info that you can give me to get this off the system so I cvan reinstall…
Is there something like a registry edit or something? I know NOTHING about computers but it rings a bell…



Saw this online. Try this maybe?
cannot uninstall iRiver Manager

download Crap Cleaner and run it’s uninstall feature. always works well for me.