I think I'm turning Japanese

Trawling through the interwebs I found this “Touring Report” site. Reminds me of just how much the Japanese cycling enthusiasts adore and herald their bikes and how underrated the maker Toei is. The best classic steel frames are being built in Japan. They are untouchable. And they really have some cool rides going on.

I gotz major bike lust right now :sunglasses:


more specific Toei bikes from the same site


and the Site main page


The links don’t work Spiritos

I fuckin love Jap touring bike. Sooo expensive though.

So nice.

There’s only a limited supply of 1930-60’s French parts to outfit them with, they’re only going to get more and more expensive.

PS Spirito, there’s a cycloretro ride on this weekend in Melbourne!

There’s many ways to skin a cat. At some point parts is just parts. :wink:


Sorry, going to miss the Melbs ride :cry:

green is good :smiley:

I don’t disagree, there’s an article on Rue Tropical about classic looking Campy parts (silver ano without carbon, wider gear range) and what they should release, and the author has had a Terraferma rando frame built that is amazing. Alex Wetmore’s ownbuilt rando bike is also really sweet. There have never been as many modern classics (road / rando / touring / etc) as have been built in the last few years.

I’m going to miss the Melb ride too, no Hetchins yet. Not even a gold Concorde.

(I’d wager 8sp Campy cassettes are harder to source than some old French parts…)

Cool link. Nice to see the work on that Terraferma frameset.

I have a few modern Campy groupsets with all silver bits. They are waiting for the right frame. In the meantime I’m riding Shimano 9 speed gears with downtube shifters. Availability, and ease of setup is the winning ticket. Cranks, brake levers et al is really whatever is available or at hand and brakes is pretty easy to source now.

God knows how I managed to convert Mrs. Spirito from carbon and brifters to steel and bar-ends … ahh that’s right, I disassembled her modern bike and forgot to put it back together :evil:

I agree about the 8 speed stuff. A mate asked me to find some for him and I keep trying to talk him out of it.

i got two. you can have one.

pm on it’s way :wink: