i wanna be like JLN

inspired by the cannondale rack i introduce the Eddy Merckx rack


edit:ahhh i just realized thats not drive side…


the only thing better than this bike is making fun of this bike.

so your saying this bike is the second best thing in the world???

gee, thanks!

yes, i am a secret admirer of this bike gene. It is very good. All my teasing is badly disguised jealously.

I wanna be like JLN too but I’m nowhere near pretty enough.

I saw this on Fyxo’s Instagram. Fucking love it. I wanna be like YOU!

yep this thing rules Gene, saw you blasting down brunswick st last night on it

gears, triggers and racks= awesome

also what are the tires?

Yeah banger, I can her purists crying from here :cool:

Errybody be biting the Zeus’ style.

Resist nomads on Archetypes? Nice combo!

Impressed with the rear clearance to squeeze those tires in!

gypsy’s on it resist nomad 28’s, got em at saint cloud

and cheers, its so much fun to ride

note, new fork and slammed stem since the fyxo pic


Did the allegro have triggers? Can’t recall.

Dynamo & fenders?

Really, we’re all biting old euro citybike style.

Would ride, if I grew taller.
I thought this style of seat post pin was meant to snap a carbon post due to uneven pressure or something? Maybe it was just magic carbon fribre hype…

drive side pics nnooowwwwwwwwwwwwww

is nice gene…velly nie.

ahhhhhhh really?
can any one confirm/deny?
i have plenty of nice posts i could use here, but i just figured i’ll use the carbon one as i have it, and dont have anywhere else to use it atm

I like the fact you raced this bike, rode it on 200k rides, stacked it and re perposed it.
this is what bikes were built for in the first place.
To be used.

Nice work Gene.

not to mention racing it with DT shifters in a sea of carbon frames & super record etc. like a boss!

Yep, seen in the flesh its nice.

Impressed (surprised) by your stem slammage straight off the bat.

I was initially a little “thats too nice to be used as city/rack bike” but now I know it was crashed and re-purposed I am content.