On a less awesome note, Ian_Human is currently in the Alfred Hospital after a very big crash. I’m heading down to see him now so i’ll keep y’all posted.

shit, that sounds bad. what happened?

Shit news. Give us an update when you can?

oh shit, worst news.

Hope he’s okay, damn!

When we figure out how Ianhuman is fairing, I think fixed.org.au needs to bicycle courier over some medicinal rum & cycling mags ASAP.

this. i’m more than happy to chip in.

okay - so he’s broken his hip, and had surgery on it today - apparently there’s some plates in there now, it’s apparently not as bad as most broken hips and so could be riding in as little as three months or so - still, pretty shit though. - He’ll be in there a while yet recovering (till thursday aparently). He’s currently in Ward 2 West if you feel like visiting.

Get well mix’tape’ currently burning

holy shit, what happened?

Anyone cycling around the city today want to live the courier dream & drop some stuff off for Ianhuman this afternoon? Card signed from all of us + rum + cycling mags - I’ll paypal you some cash to make it happen.

can someone sign my name on the card ‘that annoying cnut from adelaide who hates hipsters’

Fuck, hope you have a speedy recovery.

Ahhh shit news. Hope the bones heal faster and stronger!!

Worst shit to the best guy.

The Brewery Rides kartel* wishes you a speedy recovery.

On a less important note, is the Bianchi okay? It wasn’t the Bundy was it?

On an even less important note, is my rear light okay?

Defy the laws of physics?

  • No such thing, I just made it up then.

Speedy recovery, 3 months off the bike is hell

Frig. All the best and a speedy recovery.

Does anyone have details of what happened?

I’ve organised something to be picked up/dropped off at the Alfred for Ianhuman tomorrow!

Yep. Happened during a ride, i zigged when I should have zagged, wheels were clipped and you know the rest.