I’ve finally built this thing up. Great bike feels amazing to ride wish i could afford another.
Custom Icarus frame
Phil Woods hubs and cog
Hoshi spokes
Mavic open pro rims
Chris king headset
Nitto bar and stem
Dura Ace chain ring cranks and bottom bracket

Looks great. Did you have the frame custom built or buy it secondhand?

Great looking machine!

Yeah dude! Looks ace, can’t wait to see it built when i get home…

Looks great. Fantastic component choice to boot. Are we going to see it out and about soon?

That’s a bit special. Very nice.

very special indeed, nice work.

It’s a bit of a cliché but this thing has to be seen to be believed. The detailing in the frame and the way everything just goes together so well are something else. Easily one of the nicest steel frames I’ve ever seen.

He certainly would.

Oh my. That is teh sex.

I nearly fell off my bike when I saw it this morning when I was parking my bike at the rbwh! I had to fight myself not to make love to it! It sure is one sexy bike!

seen you riding through west end at lunch today, damn nice ride.

Same frame featured in the daily Cycle Exif post.

Icarus Frames Show Bike

I aspire to have a bike this nice one day :wink:

I aspire to just have a bike wityh track ends… lol :frowning:

thats a really great bike