Ice Hockey fans?

Just seeing if there are any Ice Hockey fans out there?

The Canucks just made the Stanley Cup Final and I will be going up to Sydney next weekend to watch the game live at Star City. Any one keen to get rowdy and cheer the nucks on?

Or if anyone can suggest a better place to watch the game at?

When I lived in Canada I started rooting for the Sens, However the past few years Ottawa has been, er, lacking. When the finals come around I just root for anything that isn’t American.

go habs.

Here’s hoping Boston makes it as well. Should be good to watch.

i follow as much as i can without pay tv.
have relatives in vancouver, as good a reason to go for them as i can think of.

used to well into it back 10-15 years ago living with my folks and espn.

I have mates in Vancouver and since they have made the play offs, apparently the town is going nuts… even more so when they had the winter olympics. Wish I could be over there to get involved! So much passion.

The amount of passion they have for hockey is actually ridiculous. I mean, we love watching the Aussies smash the Poms in Cricket, but it is nothing in comparison to that nations love for Hockey.

Anyone watch any of the AIHL (Australian Ice Hockey League)?

one of the couriers plays some kind of hockey (i think)…or something like that.
people have been, i know that much.

nexus EDIT: fyxo had a post on Liam who plays for Melbourne Ice.

Bike Hockey. Polo is so regal…

If the 'nucks actually win there will be riots in the streets (like when g’n’r famously cut their show short in the early 90s)

if they lose there will probably be riots in the street anyway as everyone in the CBD will so completely hammersmashed.

i was there when they went into OT for two games in a row (one of them being triple OT) in the playoffs. i’d have hated to be a cop on patrol then it was pretty hectic and full of the kind of people you really want to avoid.

of course the canucks being the canucks they will be their own worst enemy.

the olympics dont have shit on this for social impact in the province (or even country).

Well it is now decided. Canucks will be taking on Boston in the Stanley Cup.

Go Nucks!

For those of you in Melbourne, you should head to a game in that fancy new rink you have down there. ITs a damn awesome sport to watch live. I just wish it was a little bigger over here :wink:

Hopefully I will be heading over to a nucks game in the future. It’s on the bucket list.

Nothing like a puck to the face.

Stamkos Takes Shot to Face Video - NHL VideoCenter

The Imperial Hotel in the Melb CBD is a good spot to watch games.

the bruins are my 2nd team - go habs - and here’s hoping they get their heads back in the game after going one down…

and a shit way to lose…18secs left in the third…ouch.
wish the hockey was on some channel easy to watch.

Haha, such a good result for the Canucks. Keep the Bruins scoreless and play on their minds.

I will be hitting up the Sydney Casino sports bar on Sunday morning to watch the game if anyone is keep to join. Holla!

what times the game start

I think around 10am/11am

Awesome game… good result for the Canucks! Went to the casino at 10am and started having a few beers, a couple of canadians from Vancouver who were backpacking came in and sat with us. By the end of the game we were high fiveing each other and were best friends. I love hockey!