"Iconic LOOK KG" frame


Anyone have info on the year this frame was made? It’s interesting that it has an extended fork that doubles as a fairing. I thought that this was a new concept that was recently adopted by Trek, Giant, Specialized and Scott in their TT bikes…

this thing got re-listed… i was watching it the first time, curious about how much it’d go for. it went for like, 1,100, but that obviously wasn’t enough for the guy.

Both Looks & the Calfee were relisted. All due to ‘non-paying bidders’ …

57cm KG196 10 bids, $1026, Relisted $1250
54cm KG196 22 bids. $1100, Relisted $1250
54cm Calfee 19 bids, $860, Relisted $1200.

Greedy much?

“non-paying bidders” = mates who were bidding it up.