I'd be scared if i was this guy....

Good old FGG, good on him for giving it a go but there’s a lot to be scared of here, where’s it going to fail first :expressionless: Be interesting to get an update on how it’s going.


It looks like he made it out of PVC pipe and some duct tape.

I feel sorry for the dude when he’s gunning it down a hill. Pops a skid and snap. The rear fork drops off. There goes his teeth and skin for the next month.

:? Ummmmm…

Oh I don’t even know where to begin…

But wait - there is an update…


maybe there will be an update in the next month or two that shows a picture of his broken front teeth from the crash he had when that explodes?

you wouldn’t get me near that thing :-o

rusty chain and cog ftw

Thats not rust. That’s hours of meticulous painting to make it look like rust. I’m sure it’ll hold up… for the first half of his next ride.

Well I think it looks pretty cool, kind of like what I’d imagine a fixie to look like in some distant dystopian future where riding has been outlawed… or something

Well we will probably soon see whether Darwins theory of evolution is actually correct. Mind you, I give the guy Kudos for actually riding that Frankenbeast. It would scare the crap outa me, but imagine the big fuck you you could give everyone if it actually manages to stay together!