Id like to introduce myself

My name is Craig and I come from the great land known as america! I have been here for a few months and have been working as a courier…sure enough mail call decided they didnt need me anymore as soon as it got warm. Hopefully Ill be able to start making it to more of the races and events…I have blue nameless bike and a stupid accent, maybe youll see me one day.

p.s. mods, I dont know if there was a thread for this or not…but i couldnt find it if there is

ahhhhh, so you’re Canadian? excellent. and welcome

im here on a canadian passport if that helps :slight_smile:

haha, you found us. yes this is not bunch of good shit coming up in the melbourne section like old mate dimos’ skid comp

Welcome dude,
Everyone here is rad and very helpful. Just don’t mention the war (running reds or riding with nobr akes). I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it all right.

just make sure people don’t think you’re Craig C.

i liked the first craig c better.

ill be there…and the midnight alleycat…and at the spot tomorrow night

Do you have a brother called Cory by any chance? Who may/may not have spent sometime up in Whistler and had a pista for a bit?

IIRC he was from out east.

Do you know Jacob from Twilight?

Go team jacob!

i think i recall a molson’s ad that went a bit like this…

Do you own a Shifterbikes badge?

EDIT: for those that remember the infamous Shifterbikes badge comp.

Do you have a pet moose?

Does milk really come in bags in Canadia? Herp derp.

Seriously but, welcome to Australia!

yes. and they also call full fat milk “homo milk”. no shit.

i watched the second of these movies last night in bed on the lap top with the girlie, it was her idea but unfortunalty i was the one awake at the end… so drity i feel so dirty

Heaps lol.
I’ve gotta go check that shit out.

and in quebec some of the french words spill over into english. i’ve never quite recovered from being asked to rape the cheese (rape = grate). again, i’m not kidding. grated cheese is sometimes labeled in the supermarket as rape cheese. not cool.

haha… I was actually being serious and not trying to weird the guy out about how i might already e-know him/his brother (via another fixed forum).

also ‘egg nog’ translates to ‘chicken milk’ in French which is really weird/gross when you think about it (even if you arent vegan).

there are some more but that one always stood out.

now that i’m home, i can post this:

YouTube - Molson I am Canadian