Idea: NarreCat

Hey Melbourne folks, do tell me.
If I were to host an alley-cat out here in Narre Warren, would anyone come?
There’s heaps of great roads to ride, and I already have half a route thought up, and the LBS could probably sponsor (and I’m sure I could cough up the guts to ask some other places).
I’m just throwing the idea out there, what’re your thoughts?

Where’s Narre Warren?

It’s the hometown of me.
I suppose to you, it would be ‘past Dandenong’.
On the Pakenham trainline, 2 stops after Dandenong, a few stops from Pakenham.

no, to me it’s “outside of zone 1.” aka “bad latte country”

I can show you a sweet place in berwick that serves nice latte’s.
I mean, I’ve heard they serve nice latte’s. I really have only drank double vodkas there.

they have lattes out there? i thought it was strictly cappucino beyond zone 1.

and after your last comment in the ‘dead spy’ thread i don’t think anyone’s gonna be suckered by your “come to my place and have an alleycat” story, dylan

What? Aww dude, that happened in Preston. And it was like, 25 years ago.
Also, there’s much less bikies in narre than you might suspect.
There’s less danger than you’d get in, erm, I dunno, Doveton, or Weribee.

Dude, they drive commadores in narre. Commadores are the arch enemy of fixxie riding hipsters. Are you trying to wipe out our kind in one event?

Having said that, I’d come and play in the outer eastern burbs…

I would be in it.

Some stoned kids threw a stubby at me from a Commodore in Narre North once. I would love to go back again.

Are the trains likely to be running?

Everyone drives commodores, and in a few weeks I will have traded my falcon for a commodore ute…
Anyway, I’d have to check the trains, because there’s been nightworks recently (keeping me awake, with strange explosions that sound like lasers).
I don’t know when I’d host it, best time to ride is around 11pm, but then you all wouldn’t be able to catch your train home. So maybe an afternoon type of thing.
Also, less drunks.
'cept us.

Some pretty killer hills along heatherton road (or whatever it turns into further east), i’d probs be in, sounds fucking sick.

Heatherton road through endeavour hills is the scariest thing ever fixed/brakeless. And it finishes in narre north. Might include this in the route, though it means a detour through doveton :confused:

map would be essential
bring own latte

To steal from Bill Bailey, its the kind of place where if you ask for a flat white, you’d get a plate…thrown at your head.

And fuck, the eponymous hills in Endevour are pretty scary, grinding along up them with fully sick v8’s and 4x4’s screaming past, shitting yourself.

hey dylan, instead of inducing everyone to come out to narre, why don’t you just move into the inner city? ask heavy metal james - you won’t look back…

truth. But Brendan, i didn’t move from the outer suburbs. I moved to a middle class place for old people…to a middle class place for young people.
I’m moving today btw everyone.

The arse hole of the world. the altogether bes thing I did with my life was move away from that area.

I would rather inject another humans faeces into my eyeball than ride out there… just sayin’

got a bag of my faeces and a syringe right here,

thanks for nicks number this morn by the way

I have, without shame been seriously considering stealing this idea:

Coffeeben, wherever you are, if you can help, I will seriously consider supplying a Dodge, or VW.

Due to the fragility of the van however (directly correlated to the financial investment I (cannot) afford), it will never be able to reach beyond the zone 1 'race perimeter.

Perhaps we could do a fundraising drive for said bus, so there will be fresh latte’s at the end of each race this summer, courteously ushered from the group head by Brendan, quality controlled by Blakey, and and masterfully supervised Coffeeben.

Just putting it out there.