Identification/WIN: Mavic

Okay mods, was going to post this in the help/for sale section, but since I’ve made it into a bit of a game/contest, I thought I’d post here. Feel free to move.

WIN: Mavic Time Trial Handlebars

Practically identical to what I have, can’t be bothered uploading pictures:

**MAVIC **HANDLEBAR MAVIC "BULLHORN"NOS (eBay item 360352796519 end time 23-Mar-11 07:21:25 AEDST) : Sporting Goods

Condition: Excellent, bit faded on clamp (expected), stickers are near perfect.
Width: 42cm c-c
Clamp size: No idea, no calipers. I’ve been told they were 26.0, Velobase says 26.4, eBay listing says 26.8. Shim the bastards.
Location: Melbourne. But if you do win them and you live interstate, I’ll post them free. Howsat?

Okay, so up for grabs are some hot hot Mavic Time Trial handlebars. What’s the catch? Well…

I really, REALLY need help identifying this person, as well as more info about him.

I can not stress it enough. Even if you don’t want the handlebars, I’d really appreciate your help. And no, I don’t want to bang the guy :smiley:

Also, I’m considering selling them at Fyxo’s Swap Meat (might not, I am fairly lazy). But if you do find out, and I no longer have them, I will scrummage around for something just as nice/give you a whole slab, as well as many thanks.

Where did you pull the picture from? That might help…

He looks like a druggier cole mohr.

Ahh, picture is from a Fakebook account. No other info whatsoever.

And Mr Dylan, I reckon Cole Mohr looks like a tattoed chimney sweep

this is a very strange thread. why do you need to know who he is so bad? yeah I’m nosy, but what do you expect?!

I used to love Cole Mohr, I wanted to be exactly like him.

It’s not me. Just in case this comes down to a process of elimination.

Well, it’s from a Fakebook, and I need solid proof to prove the guy isn’t real. Reporting the profile won’t do squat. Besides, we need more strange threads! Also, would be quite lol if it turned out to be someone on this forum.

But why? I bet Mr Mohr is thinking to himself ‘Damn, I would love to be featured on BSNYC, just once…’

Hence why I say ‘used to’.
Aside from his millions of dollars, I am king now, whereas he sucks shit whilst his career slowly falls as Hedi Slimane gets bored of him.

This thread intrigues me. When the police investigate the case of stalking I hope the mods delete this lol!

pretty sure i saw him last night in a Pseudo Echo cover band at electric light…

Oh wait, completely forgot one detail. The guy is a model, if that helps at all…

Thanks a fucken lot G man, now i’ve got this stuck in my head on infinite repeat YouTube - Pseudo Echo - Listening (1983)

My internet’s being slow gimme a minute

Uploaded with

Mr Dylan you should start a thread composed entirely of male models you admire

Eh, I could but I won’t.
Anyway, is this the guy?

i know who he is, it’s the guy who plays bass in van she. don’t ask how i know, it was just once upon a time i modelled my rather ‘cool’ (then) haircut on his.

Matt Van Schie is his name.

He used to live a few doors up from a mate of mine I think.

Sorry Mr Dylan, but todd nailed it.

Holy fuck though. My mind is blown. I used to listen to Van She Tech remixes non-stop back when electro was king and dubstep was lol. Very disappointed when that ‘V’ album came out. Only good song was Changes. I just never knew what the damn guy looked like. You don’t know how much you’ve helped me todd. A thousand thank yous.

PM me your deets and I’ll swing the handlebars your way. Congrats, now you can be a time trialing hipsterrrrrrrrrr