Identify my frame

hey, any peeps wanna have a chance at ID’ing my ‘new’ ride.

It’s been resprayed and there’s not a whole lot of visible detail on the frame other than what you can see in the photos. dunno if the lugwork will give it away as it looks like something a lot of builders would’ve done.

It’s stamped with a small logo on the top of the BB shell that reads ‘RGF’ within a small circle (see my approximation in the final image) and has the serial number 255 on bottom bracket and steerer tube.
Suntour track-ends on the rear.

Oddly enough, i was offered this frame a few years ago (it’s been thru a few hands since then) and was told then that it was a Hillman. (But then every unkown frame is a Hillman…)

Not that it matters, but it’s 61cm ST and 58cm TT. And it’s rather lightweight.


‘RGF’ seems to be the mark of the makers of the bb shell ’ Raccord Gargette Freres ', a frenchy.

Thats all my googling skills have found!

or it may stand for Really Good Frames. small company from Paisley but well known amongst the cognoscenti

Clean up your room, then we can talk about your frame.

I thought every unknown frame was a McBain?

Took the words right out my mouth (x2) - fvckin’ legend

pssh. my room is clean. my desk is untidy and my bed is unmade and my shoe rack is overflowing but the rest is fine.
now back to the problem at hand!

maybe try email hillman?
I done it a week ago and was pleasantly suprised with the results.
Even if it isn’t a hillman, they may suggest another builder and point you in the right direction

They get asked these questions a lot so they may be familiar with the serial number layout etc

good luck

shit, forgot i was meant to be asking them about decals for you!!! will get on it this weekend!

jamie, it looks very similar to my pseudo hillman (which is similar to ben’s real hillman) so it’s worth taking in. let me know if you go in on the weekend, i’ll join ya as it’s 30 seconds from my place and i can ask about decals…


haha cheers rolly:D

[QUOTE=The JAMS;315048

It’s stamped with a small logo on the top of the BB shell that reads ‘RGF’ within a small circle (see my approximation in the final image) …


The bottom bracket stamp is just the manufacturers stamped logo of one the smaller makers of bike fittings and lugs from France by the name of Raccord Gargette Frere’s … they were in production from the mid 50’s but mostly available in wider numbers from the early 70’s. Used for quite a few production frames in the UK, continental Europe and probably down here in Oz too. Cleaner and simpler style of a George Fisher BB shell and they were probably offered as a set with either Prugnat or BoCaMa lugs as was popular at the time and which the frame seems to sport.

They were bulge formed and reportedly quite good but eventually lost out to the investment cast lugs and shells from the late 70’s onwards. Loosely translated… Raccord (connection) Gargette (Gargette) Freres (brothers). Frame fittings by the Gargette Brothers.

It doesn’t help you with finding out who actually made the frame though … it could be one of many local and/or overseas makers (I’d guess local first).

To quote Dave Moulton (retired framebuilder):

I’m pretty sure RGF bottom bracket shells were made in France. I used them
on most of the frames I built in England through the 1970s, and bought them
from Ron Kitching who imported them along with the Prugnat lugs.

Jams, looks a lot like the lugs on my hillman, which is actually a paconi.

it’s shannon wu’s old bike!

do i win a prize?

yeah, and before that it was andy white’s and before that it was this guy dion’s et al…