identifying frame

can you find out what kind of frame youve got from the serial number on the bottom of the bb cage? ive got a vintage steel track that was supposedly a “restored” colnago. its light as hell and has pretty tight geometry im keen to find out what it is.

I thought colnagos had the serial number on the right (?) dropout/track end.

Otherwise I’d say it will be difficult to find out the frame make from the number alone. Post some pics.

Usually you can quote the serial number to the importers of a particular frame and they can find out a little more info about it for you. This of course only works if you know who makes the frame in the first place… If you think it’s probably a Colnago, send an email to FRF Sports as they are the importers for Colnago and they should be able to tell you whether it’s a Colnago or not, or else they can point you in the right direction.

thanks. i seriously doubt it is a real colnago although its a quality frame. its at least 20 years old though, is the import company likely to still be around?

Probably not the 80s importers, FRF haven’t been importing them for that long. Surely they’d be able to help, or, let me know the serial number and I’ll ask the FRF sales rep next time he comes in.

If it’s a Colnago it would probably have 8,200 cloverleafs on it.

Just put Colnago stickers on it and be done :?

Post up some pictures and someone will likely be able to steer you in the right direction.