idiot bike racers.


The bunnyhop!

wow, you could almost see that happening.

so what happened initially, the cyclist hits the woman then veers into the car?

the bunch get told to “stay left” instead of right!!!

poor woman, got hit at least twice. urgh.

that bunnyhop.

what was that chick doing there? what was that car doing there? why did she stay down (assuming she knew they were coming back around)?

As far as I can tell:

The woman was a course marshall, (unsuccessfully) keeping riders on the left side of the road of an out and back clockwise loop/hotdog.

Muppet in the pack drifting across the double yellows sees the pace/lead car coming at him and then cleans her up / hits car.

Breakaway manages to avoid everything, but the race isn’t neutralised / stopped in time before the pack comes steaming in and various riders do shit bunny hops over the injured marshall / hit the pace car / each other.


yeah maybe use some big ass cones or a barrier along the centre line of your hot dog course next time you yankee doodles

Jeebus, no one looks like they know anything over there.

looks like an average day down at St Kilda crits.

Coffee and vibe is good but.

That is just bullshit,
But if you have ever been in a group doing 50km/h you will know how quick things can turn to shit,
You have to think about the guy in front the guy behind It’s scary as shit.
This is shit planning and safety.

Jesus, what were they thinking. Hope they were okay. Having just come out of a high speed crash my stomach churned at that one.

Just saw the following crash from the red hook crit, so lucky noone in was seriously hurt considering how fast the bike flies into the crowd.


actual lol.

see also “tekkers is pro”

Holly shit thats good

that is just fantastic.

I like how many different people form a line effectively blocking anyone from safely negotiating their way around the crash location. Fucking muppets.

The fat dude with the helmet was shouting “LEFT LEFT LEFT”…meaning HIS left, not the riders’ left. Dickhead. If I’m halfway down a crit bunch and a marshall’s shouting LEFT I’m probably going to go LEFT. Then the next guy shouts “stay LEFT…STAY RIGHT”…WTF??? Heat of the moment I guess but file that under “C” for “could have done better”

And what was that car doing on the course?

bunnyhoppers report: UnderTheRugg: Day 1 - Hitting the Road. Literally.