I watched this dude locking his flawless looking colnago yesterday. He only locked 1 spoke from his front wheel to another guys front rim… All that was locked, was ONE SPOKE!

I told him i could steal his bike in about 10 seconds and that he should lock it up better then he said he should have locked it better, but he was only stopping for 15 minutes…IDIOT

(hope the pictures big enough)

you should have? and sold it on the 'bay. whilst leaving a note saying serves you right!


Man but some hipsters need to be taught a thing or to about the real world. Is it freewheel? because it has 2 brakes AND a bottle cage :-o

That’s the one that TC just sold and did a shoot for. Way too nice to leave sitting around like that.

jeez cam, exactly how much time do you spend at BBB?

This one? Fixed Gear Gallery :: Colnago Super

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you should have? and sold it on the 'bay. whilst leaving a note saying serves you right!

isnt that kinda ironic? if we cant even trust “our own kind” then what hope is there. surely its that mind set that creates the requirement for locks in the first place.

a friend just went to japan and said they dont even lock their bikes to secure things, just front wheel to frame so it cant ride. can anyone confirm or bust that myth? sounds crazy to me

yep, they use wheel locks like this,

or they dont lock them at all (during the day. at night they are all locked)

i saw a dude lean his Campy Record Willier outside a toilet block, while he went and took a shit. the bike would have cost more than my whole trip.
just left it there for a good 10 minutes.

fukn Japs, you gotta love em

In Copenhagen they don’t lock bikes to anything. That have this weird lock that’s part of the bike that’s where the rear brake should be (because most of their bikes are coaster brake). Basically it put s a bolt through your rear wheel in between the spokes, locking up the back wheel. This was on 98% of the bikes I saw in the city, just randomly chilling on the street.

Shit, I was too slow. Just look at the pic above.

They don’t lock bikes in most of Europe either, if they do it’s just around the back wheel method.

Really? I only found Scandinavian countries to be like this. Everywhere else I rented a bike, it came with a chain the size of a car tyre and strict instructions to use it! :lol:

i want one of those locks… i’d only have to lock front wheel/frame to a post then…

china and many other asian nations also use the back wheel mechanism
in a perfect world that should be all we should need
but not in this paranoid, disshonest world

The idea that there is “our own kind” is what creates the requirement for locks in the first place.

everybody used to be able to leave their homes unlocked too.

it’s not the japs or the dutch or the whoever - it’s a question of what is wrong with us here :frowning:

I still leave the house unlocked, although I’m not telling you where I live :expressionless:

It would be good to just leave the bike unlocked in the street and have confidence that it’s going to be there when you come back.

Man I ducked into a shop for 5mins with my bike locked up properly and it still got nicked :cry: trust no one

Amen to that!
we’d all like to live in a world safe for everyone & their possessions, sadly it’s just not so right now. shame for those of us that do lock up tho, bet that bike was still there even though just one spoke was holding it. Sometimes life just ain’t fair.