if i had $100 dollars......


i have a $100 voucher for a lbs in north balwyn.

if you had $100 for an lbs what would definitely be on your list of things to buy?

it ain’t a lot but it was a prize from a charity bike ride :slight_smile:

actually, does anyone know whether the top gear cycles avanti plus store in north balwyn is any good?


if all else fails, get $100 worth of tubes.

Sell the voucher to me for $50 (it IS second hand now) :evil:

haha i did contemplate just buying lots of tubes…not very exciting though!!

as for the offer of $50…worth a shot but i might hold on to it :wink:



Sell it for $100 to someone out the front who’s about to walk in and buy something then use the cash for whatever. Booze? Strippers? Drugs?

pedal wrench/headset installer/tool you’d not usually purchase.

i have a very limited selection of tools so this may be the way to go.

i do like markee’s suggestion though… :evil:

get heroin injected into your dick by a stripper

i have a $50 voucher for cycle science in glen wav but the dude there is so intense it puts me off using it!

i end up going to open road cycles and spending cash instead

+1 for treating yourself to a few quality tools that will last/make jobs easier in the future

whilst drinking heavily

hooray for tools :slight_smile:

Your LBS sells headset installers for a huge? where do you shop?

spend it on a good pair of knicks.

forgive my ignorance but knicks are?

bottom half of your traditional cycling attire, with a chamois bum

we might, but your balls won’t.

tires from wiggle 100 bucks for 4 and free postage give or take 10 bucks