If I was taller ...

I’d be onto this Tollis. It’s a beaut, and features correct for the period parts that are very desriable. I sold the frame to Roger after having bought it from the original owner and he’s done a top job bringing it back to life.

Vintage Tollis Racing bike circa 1964 - eBay Road Bikes, Bikes, Cycling, Sport. (end time 08-Aug-10 14:42:42 AEST)

You wish you were a little bit taller,
You wish you was a baller
You wish you had a girl who looked good
You would call her

You wish you had a rabbit in a hat with a bat
and a '64 Tollis


Lyrical Gangsta … YouTube - Here Comes The Hotstepper - Ini Kamoze

If I was a little bit shorter.

Try this Spirito
Siberian leg-lengthening surgery to add eight centimetres

I don’t think Spirito needs the fake boobs and lips though.

I wouldn’t mind fake boobies for a week or so … :wink:

Hehehe …

Such a sweet track!!