If you had $1600 to spend on a frame...

…what would you buy?

I’ve got a bit of milestone birthday coming up at the end of the year and I’m thinking the best way to celebrate it would be to buy myself a new frame and if I can afford it, have one built for me. Will be used mostly on the road with the odd track appearance and as I’d be looking to keep if forever, I’d probably look at converting to SS once my knees give up.

I’m dreaming of a Kinfolk - but not sure my budget stretches that far.

What would you buy?

I would probably get a colossi. There build quality seems amazing, and The guys at GEAR will sort you out. But using an Australian builder would prpbably be better haha.

didn’t someone say recently that ken evans was building again for around $1600?

hillman are just round the corner from me, i’d probably go ask there first if i was looking for a custom build… but that’s partly because it’d be nice to have a real hillman, instead of just a pretend one!!

I would buy a different visp for every day of the year!

Have a look at the Primate Frames site. Australian made frames and Tarn has quite a few frames on sale at the moment so you might be able to snap something up a fair bit cheaper than full retail.

and the remainder on Aerospoks!

Paul Hillbrick is building steel frames as well that look pretty sweet.

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I would bang so many hookers for that much coin, then buy a cat from the pound.

Yep that was me, 1600 was the quote for painted max road frame and forks, track i’ve heard is a little more expensive, but i’d definately hit Ken first up.

Some nice suggestions here - thanks.

Mr_Dylan - don’t think the wife would approve of the hookers, but she’d be fine with the cat.

Also think I’ll pass up the Visp suggestion.

Keep the suggestions coming.

Given you’re in Sydney… Bundy will do a custom frame for that.

I think you have your answer get a bundy or a Ken with a rear brake mount for ss these sound like good prices for a Aussie custom. I want a buam I just have to justify $7000 to the wife.

Liking the sound of the Bundy boys - can anyone point me to some nice bundy pics?

The search function is your friend.

^ just hovering the cursor over that link supplied lols…

My old rig^^ looks bloody good now.

This from the link above is disturbing though.


If I was going to buy a custom frame in Aus I would definitely go down and see Ken probably because my first track frame was a Ken.

But why not turn it into a Holiday as well. Go over to Japan and get a custom Nagasawa Built. Its not going to cost you much over 2k.

gellie custom

There are lots of options for custom frame building. My only concern would be what you could actually get built for $1600.00 locally.
$1600.00 for a Ken sounds awesome, but check the fine print.