I'm laughing

Was just watching Gruen and this add was featured. Watched it about 5 times now and I’m still in hysterics.


That is pretty funny, I like the mini pause near the end…

hahahahah. i wanted to laugh but i couldn’t. i was sitting next to my mum.

I like pornography more than most people, but I don’t like looking at things that aren’t people doing it. Or when there are things that aren’t people doing it with them.
Lemme just say, if a dude pulls his cove out of another dudes arse and a LIVE EEL comes out afterwards, I don’t wanna watch that shit.

Except one video I saw one time where these women were pretending to be aliens, and they were green and had purple hair, haha.

where does one find such a fine piece of cinematic art?

have you seen the one with pterodactyls?

Haha ofcourse I’ve seen that!

N8, I think it’s on youporn.