I'm looking for a designer - you looking for work?

Hey all,
I run my own business and need to step up the design on some existing event technology sites I own.
In talking to people about the traps and seeing some of the discussions on here I know some of you are graphic designers, in the industry etc.
If interested PM me as I need a designer to hot up a hot product.
I do pay, I do need someone soon and I need it to be pretty fresh. Consultation will be over the net/phone, as I cant meet face to face living where I do.
Flash not so much, heavy back end database driven sites in place already, want black and white with primary colour sort of stuff thats clean and easy to use.
If enough interest I might run an EoI.
Hope theres someone out there!

Just noticed this dude’s sig if you’re still looking…

sorted yo. thanks for the link though. :slight_smile: