im sick of eating the same food at the same places..

Oh yeah!

Thanh Nga 9!

Terrible coffee though. Keep going over the bridge and into the Degraves subway and hit up Cup of Truth if you’re in that area for a brew.

How about Coconut Palms in Fitzroy, or Warung Agus in North Melbourne?

I used to regualr at Phở Chú Thể which was the one closest to Church st. But they recently moved a few shops west and did up the place. Now they are now always heaps too crowded. I need a new pho place. Someone told me there was good pho in Thornbury, but I havent had a good look for it yet

that’s the place i was thinkin of!!

I reckon you have a lot higher coffee criteria than me ;]

Tandoori Nights on sydney road is also good, as is Tiba’s (many on here can vouch for their falafel)

^ I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; for falafel go to Half Moon Cafe in Coburg. And while you’re there grab a table next to the crime bosses and get a $2 caffeine fix at Coffee Kitchen.

Northern places I frequent that are all cheap and good quality food. Have tried to include diff types of places:
Sassy’s Jamaican on St Georges Rd
Umberto on High St in Thornbury for great quality v cheap italian
Noodle Kingdom in Preston for dumplings and asian goodness
Dean Cafe High St - Singaporean and Malay
Thaila Thai - Lygon St Brunswick
Cavallero - Smith St, great breakfast and foodstuffs

Rolly - Tom phat was my favourite restaurant about 5 years ago when it first opened. A series of chef changes meant it went downhill a few years ago so I stopped going. How does it rank now? Maybe time for me to go back.

Thaila Thai isn’t worth the wait i don’t think. i can’t remember the last time i ordered something from there and didn’t have to stand around an extra 20 minutes once i’d gone to collect it. drove me crazy and i stopped going.

i rate it. not the cheapest, but yet to have a bad meal there and i’ve been going occasionally for the last 2.5 years

Double endorsed.

Youse are spoiled in the North. It’s pretty slim pickin’s down here. I Live less than 100m from the Lobster Cave. If the wind is from the south its fishy garlic butter pong wafts into my house.

a week or so ago I went out to get a pizza from the shop across the road from the Lobster Cave. A nice young couple pulled up in a fancy car…he got out…she got out…he was handsome…she was pretty, all legs & shiny long brown hair…she looked around…she said "The Lobster Cave?..THE LOBSTER CAVE?? YOU BROUGHT ME TO THE FUCKING LOBSTER CAVE???

she got back in the car. I wondered how the rest of his night went.

Man i go there alot and never wait more than 20 minutes ever. i’m no super regular that gets super service either.

Sounds like she’s mates with the people nikcee overheard in Adelaide, “She’s too hot for the cheap places.”

man, maybe i just have shit luck. i once ordered 5 minutes after they opened, was told it would be an hour for ONE pad thai (which wasn’t a big deal, i wasn’t super hungry), and then when i rocked up the situation at the front counter was a fucking joke. a crowd of 20 people standing around waiting and the girl at the desk just buried her head further and further in the sand. one woman spat it after waiting nearly an hour and they had lost her order. she was fucking raging. i had to wait 20 minutes extra for my meal, only for them to discover it’d been sitting there the whole time and they hadn’t seen it when i first arrived.

then when i finally ate it is was kinda crap.

so that kinda put me off.

She’d be going to bed with no dinner if she was my date. Its either that or Citrus down in Beauy, and neither is a patch on Gold Stream in Seaview.

…although she probably wouldn’t be my date


anyone know if thaila thai and warwick thai (sydney road) are the same people? my lady friend seems to think they are…

The following image is taken from the Lobster Cave website. Looked how pumped up the guy in the middle looks!

(I reckon that’s Captain Commuter sans Netti…)

Blue rinse brigade.

lobster is soft and easy on the dentures.

lolz at pin20

it’s true!

i quite like the pizza at Casa Farro on nicholson.