Image of the day thread

I’ll start via Milanofixed:

do I have to wait till tomorrow to post an image? what are the rules here?

definately not the nicest pic i saw on milano fixed today :wink:

Nah keep em coming!

You mean this, right?

You mean this, right?

Nah i mean this this

Very nice Pogliaghi though, someone on here is the owner yea?

Try hosting the image just so we’re all ‘clear’ :evil:

It’s a bit NSFW… :-o

Haha - I quit the other day, I can do what I want at work now :smiley:

I love Milanofixed for this reason :smiley:

Prolly and trackosaurus are soooo politically correct…

Hey it’s pissing down with rain!

CyclingWMD is the same. I mean not politically correct. :wink:

how funny is the collection of tags: “adidas, ass improvement, chicks and bikes, spinning”.


fuck yeah!! love it.

been standing under the awning outside work watching the rivers run past. it’s quiet today :slight_smile:


15 posts and 1 image. This thread’s going well…

That green pantoed Pogliaghi is mine.

Hoping to get the fyxo model with bike photo essay treatment soon…


lol come one someone save the thread before it’s too late

I think it was doomed shortly after you created it.