in my backyard

Paconi: columbus tubed, campagnolo hubs, cranks, BB, headset, cinelli bars/stem
Kenevans: columbus tubed, campagnolo headset, BB, cranks, cinelli bars/stem. waiting on campy hubs, rims, seat post, and cranks to get polished.

Nice pair, now all you need is a lawn mower :-o

haha you dont know the half of it!

now youre helping!

Great bikes.

Are you able to post up some individual shots of each bike?

what’s the red thing (I know it’s a fuck’n bike) behind the BBQ?

that red thing is a hard rubbish find. I like how its lurking in the background of that shot.

the rest of the bits for the Ken

Damn erle, looking sweet! You’re a campy fiend.

Damn Erle, you are just missing the holden wrecks and urine stained mattresses. And I bet there’s a bong in the lounge room with the couch that came from ‘hard rubbish’ day. Am I right?

Nice bikes though

didnt you see the holden equivalent in the background of the first photo? No bongs either, no fucking smoking in my house! Ill post a pic after I mow the lawn/jungle/whatever haha.

Saw the Paconi in BR on the weekend. It’s very nice.

erle you’re hardcaore, you even match your washing to your bikes (ala reply #8). Thats a level of attainment I’m not sure I’ll ever realize!

I spy more bikes in the top Left hand corner of the Ken Evans Photo.

Raleigh Carlton and some no name roady.