inexa track frame

never ridden… 54, looks a bit 56ish

Inexa Track Frame | eBay

looks a bit vispish

I had one of these for a bit, much better than a visp. $200 is a pretty good price…

Too bad he won’t post from TAS, is a good deal.

Pity, it’s worth it if he did.

but has actually been welded by someone who’s neither visually impaired nor 12 years old

he’ll drive anywhere in tasmania if you pay for the petrol, but he won’t spend an hour to put it in a box? haha

tempted to pull the trigger…anyone know if there’s a courier from tassy to the mainland?

no - i’m pretty sure it’s like a whole different country down there… speaking of which, what’s the conversion rate from tassie dollars?

same as new zealand, in fact i think you can pay in kiwi dollars, so its even cheaper

Courier? Don’t be pushin’ ya big ideas from the big island on me…

hah, oh wow.

Get the mcbain guy to post it?

speak really nicely to P!N20?

maybe he knows someone …