Insert Benny Hill theme song...


How times have changed… eh.

here you go

Hehe, awesome. That mountain is a scruffy old dog shaking neon fleas off its back.

ba hahahahahaha … gotta be the best site ever

aaah back in the day, when “full suss” meant arms and legs

sensational how these guys bin it and roll straight up onto their feet…neon ninjas!

those guys are going faster and harder than i could ever go, and i’ve got dual suspension.


thats some epic stuff…i have only ever raced with disc brakes…im only 18…seeing bar ends on DH bikes :open_mouth: lycra…open face helmets thats all wrong

I can remember how crap those bikes and brakes were and that riding is pretty impressive considering, my eyes are still burning from the lycra though.

by the looks of it, its more due to the bike

nearly everyone who stacked had a buckled front rim, good luck trying to control that with rim brakes, and no sussy on a gradient that is probably a lot worse then it looks on video.